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Foquin história 'completiva'

"Hush hush, hush hush... I don't want you..." Opa... Já tá gravando? Foquin oi para vocês. Hoje tem historinha em inglês ^^. Lá vai. Enjoy:

Well... today is my birthday, fuck you! And i'm going to celebrate it alone, 'cuz I don't ave friends, because I'm not nice. Once I've tried to get friends but I fell, and everyone laughed at me. Then, I became angry and I screamed: What the fuck?! What are you looking at? And a man answered me: Your pants are cut, exactly in the middle. When I saw that I screamed: What the fuck?! How did that happen to me? And I looked down and I didn't see ANYTHING! My pants were note there, they were cut... like I said. I stood up and ran. That's why I don't like anyone. And that is also why anyone likes me. When I arrived at home my brother asked me: Is it your birthday? And I said: "It's not your business" and left. But I was an idiot. My brother is the only one who likes me so I asked him to forgive me. And he said: "Whatever". I went to the mall to buy me a gift. I bought me a DG's t-shirt. I loved it! And when I were leaving the mall I put on the D & G t-shirt. But in my way home, two thieves stoled me. "What the fuck?!" I ran and sang: "Catch me, catch me...!" And then they started to ran too and I said: "C'mon catch me!" I saw a cop and kept singing: "I know you can save, c'mon save me, I need you now!" And the cop tried to save me but he fell. Then I laughed. It was so funny. Nowaday, I know how funny it is.


Flávia - azul/verde/whatever
Guilherme - vermelho
Adriana - rosa/roxo/whatever
Yara - verde/verde/verde

Gostaram?! Entenderam?! Amanhã tem mais. Foquin hugs and kisses.

"Of Course my Horse", o primeiro foquin blog de acordo com o foquin Novo foquin Acordo Ortográfico.

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